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Security Services

Family security advisor

A family security advisor can add value to any busy household by managing the safety and security of all family members, guests and household staff. Considered security advice ensures the home is not compromised by poor security practice, family activities are not vulnerable to criminal activity and a sense of safety is enabled across all activities at home, work and travel. If a dedicated security professional is not deemed necessary, a retained advisor can be allocated as a single point of contact for any security-related concerns that may arise. Key areas covered as a basic level of service include:

  • Home security – A security review of the residence and its environment, considering all physical and technical security measures.
  • Travel advising – Making travellers aware of the country’s risks and recommending proactive mitigating actions.
  • Close protection – The appropriate allocation of professional, vetted and licensed bodyguard(s) for the whole family, or an individual.
  • Residential security team – A waking security presence inside the home 24-hours-a-day to manage access control, incident response and to facilitate safety and security of all family members and staff.
  • Home computer network security – Testing all devices and identifying malware. Establishing secure networks to prevent intrusion.

Residential security survey

An apartment in town or a country estate can be vulnerable to criminal attention. Criminals actively target high value properties with the expectation that the contents are also valuable. A residential security review looks at the layers around a home to create deterrence for the criminal. If the criminal is not deterred, then the approach to the property is made unfavourable to them. A review of lighting and landscaping can deny a potential criminal of any hiding places at night, and obstacles from anti-climb devices to thorny plants can delay or deter further attempts. While the ‘deter’ and ‘impede’ elements are employed, methods are used to help detect the intruder.

Close protection services

Personal protection can be allocated as an individual bodyguard (IBG), a close protection team (CPT) or a ‘stand- off’ protective surveillance team (PST).

  • IBG – A single officer acting as a security escort to an individual or small group. The IBG will identify potential threats and advise the client on safety measures.
  • CPT – A team of two or more protection officers. The bodyguard remains close to the principal while the remainder keep a distance that allows freedom of movement but ensures a response is seconds away.
  • PST – Similar to the CPT except that no one realises that they are with the principal. The distances are greater but within sight, which allows a response but not as immediate as the CPT.

All personal protection officers are vetted and licensed by the Security Industry Authority. They are considerately allocated to complement the profile of the client and their family. All are highly trained and enhanced skills such as languages, paediatric first aid or paramedic qualifications are available if required.

Residential security team/officer

A residential security officer ensures the security around the family. Access control of the gate prevents vehicles being allowed into the estate. Security of the residence doors and windows prevents breaches into the home. Receipt of parcels and mail ensures no unsolicited or harmful mail is placed in the hands of the family. At night, the family can sleep soundly knowing that their security officer is maintaining a vigilant watch over the home. Should an emergency occur they will be guided in a calm manner that has been considered and written into routine contingency plans.

The close protection officer and the residential security officer quickly become an asset to the family. It is in their protective interest to assist in the smooth running of the residence or the safe movement of the family so that they can influence considerations to include safety. Personal assistants and house managers often reflect on how they value the assistance afforded to them and the impact it makes on their daily routine.

Security chauffeur

Eden offers highly trained drivers to ensure safe passage to and from secure locations. That could be home to office or office to meeting venues. Irrespective of whether a chauffeur is required for domestic or business facilitation, you can be assured that diligent route planning and contingency actions are thoroughly considered and integrated into your daily routine to enhance your safety and efficiency.

Our drivers are security aware, counter surveillance trained and vetted licence-holders of Security Industry Authority (SIA) close protection accreditation. Our ex-police or military chauffeurs are qualified in advanced driving techniques and have medical training.

A personable, discreet and loyal chauffeur is an enhancement to a busy household.

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Eden Private Staff remain open and committed to providing an exceptional level of service. Our team are available for calls and enquiries and at this stage still able to help you and your family find the right personnel for your requirements. We will be introducing candidates via video calls and following the latest guidance from the government
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