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Close Protection Team

The role of a Close Protection Officer or Close Protection team

Personal protection should not be considered lightly. The allocation of a protection team can be intrusive if not considered and tailored to the principal.

At Eden, we have decades of real life experiences, protecting Heads of state, Royalty and people under direct threat of violence. We understand that a protection officer must be able to alter their operational stance to allow the Principal to live life without an overbearing presence on their shoulder.

The management of protective security must be underpinned by relevant intelligence, planning and robust responses to different threats. If a protection officer is inexperienced or poorly prepared, they may under-react, due to poor situational awareness, resulting in physical harm to the Principal. Alternatively, over-reaction to a perceived threat, that is not appropriate, can result in legal action against the client and damage to their reputation.

Since the draw down in hostilities in the Middle east, there has been an influx of self- proclaimed Close Protection experts in the private client market. Caution must be exercised when selecting a Close Protection Officer for your family! The reaction to attack protocol for an attack in Afghanistan is not appropriate in London and it is often the soft skills of diplomacy and empathy that are lacking in those who have only worked in that environment. All of Eden’s CPOs have a vetted background and references to prove that they have worked in prime households for Principals who valued their worth. We hold a database of highly trained men and women of varying ages and cultures with a variety of advanced qualifications in medical, driving and language skills. We diversify the database because each family or Principal has different priorities and preferences. We have placed CPOs with children and elderly Principals as well as the usual profiles of successful families.

It is a legal requirement for a Close Protection Officer to be licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) but many of our CPOs have trained extensively with the Military or Police and performed Protection roles in that capacity.

A Protection Officer will accompany the family wherever their lives take them and whenever they are required. Whilst there are always restrictions on the use of force, an Eden CPO will primarily identify risks before they become a direct threat which allows for avoidance without the need for physical intervention. That being said, every CPO is capable and willing to use defensive techniques to ensure the safety of their Principal!

selected for their people skills and emotional intelligence. They must be empathetic to the security concerns of their employer whilst balancing that with an unrestricted lifestyle. Security is an enabler and should never attempt to restrict the desires of the family.

Typical responsibilities and duties of a CP Team

  • Confidential and personal advisor to the head of household (As desired)
  • Personal protection escort for any family member as required
  • Daily intelligence gathering/ identifying potential threats to the family
  • Driving duties and escort vehicle if required
  • Alternative route planning and counter surveillance aware
  • Event security/ guest reception
  • Advance team to secure the arrival point at a venue. (Only as part of a larger team)
  • Residential security (Only as part of a Team of 6 minimum)
  • Emergency planning and coordination
  • Travel security/ escort
  • Yacht and private jet protection
  • Search trained
  • Intruder intervention
  • Asset protection including cars, fine art and bloodstock.
  • Ability to anticipate the needs of the Principal and plan accordingly
  • Adaptable to the dress and occasion as appropriate to the Principal
  • Experience in the delivery of a discreet, confidential and unobtrusive service.

For further advice and information, please email  or call 0207 471 6000

Eden Private Staff remain open and committed to providing an exceptional level of service. Our team are available for calls and enquiries and at this stage still able to help you and your family find the right personnel for your requirements. We will be introducing candidates via video calls and following the latest guidance from the government
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