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All Rounder

An All-Rounder role is a unique and senior position in a private household/estate. The responsibilities and duties of the position are many, as it combines a number of traditional positions into one. All Rounder candidates are flexible, practical and versatile in that they offer the client a wealth of skills ranging from general housekeeping within the household to the general maintenance of the estate/gardens/property.

The types of duties will, of course, vary in each job and are dependent upon the type of property/estate to be managed.

Eden will find the best candidate with the right skill set to suit the client.

Duties will include but are not limited to:

  • Security of the property
  • Household maintenance tasks
  • Working with a Housekeeper to ensure the home is clean & tidy
  • Driving e.g. airport runs, school run, errands
  • Car cleaning
  • Collecting morning newspapers
  • General household errands eg local shopping, post letters
  • Laying table, clearing up after meals (dishwasher etc)
  • Silver polishing
  • Shoe cleaning
  • Light household (inside and outside) duties– eg change lightbulbs/fuses, put out recycling/bins etc
  • Pet care
  • Fireplace – clearing and laying of fire, collecting logs
  • Assist with heavy items eg luggage, deliveries etc
  • Help in the kitchen with food preparation
  • Fruit/vegetable picking from the garden
  • Gardening
  • Organise contractors
  • Assist with general housekeeping

Please contact the team if you would like more information and advice on employing an ‘All Rounder ‘.

Eden Private Staff remain open and committed to providing an exceptional level of service. Our team are available for calls and enquiries and at this stage still able to help you and your family find the right personnel for your requirements. We will be introducing candidates via video calls and following the latest guidance from the government
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